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Our Programs

We offer a wide variety of classes for you, your organization, or your business. 

We offer 2-4 hour private seminars that are tailored for your organization's specific needs. Teens, adults, special interests groups, and non-profit organizations can benefit from our vast curriculum. One of our trained instructors will assist you in designing your own focused and intensive class. 

Our 2-4 hour private seminars are focused on your business's specific needs. Our curriculum includes reducing workplace harassment as well as de-escalating conflicts with co-workers and clients. Ideal for office and service industry workers. 

If you prefer private classes to groups (I always encourage group classes), or if you have specific needs, we offer one-on-one lessons focused on individual goals that you will set with your instructor. 

Get in Touch

Don't see a program that fits your needs? Reach out and let us tailor a program just for you.  

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