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Workplace violence has an economic impact of, on average, more than $120 billion each year.  - U.S. Bureau of Labor

Workplace Seminars

Implementing Empowerment Self Defense in the workplace can decrease occurrences of harassment and insecurity. Studies show an increase in productivity in employees when they feel safe and secure at work. This program is ideal for:

  • any office environment

  • any work meeting with clients one on one in an isolated setting (real estate workers, massage therapy)

  • retail workers

  • service industry workers (bartenders, servers, ride share drivers)

The Own Your Power workplace disruption program teaches: 

  • personal and professional boundary setting

  • effective verbal communication and de-escalation techniques when interacting with managers, employees, colleagues, and clients

  • situational awareness such as identifying toxic and potentially dangerous behaviors and situations

The physical techniques that our program teaches can be learned in a matter of hours and easily practiced outside of a classroom setting. Our physical techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • grab releases (including being grabbed from behind, choking, and hair grabs)

  • striking (finding and attacking the soft, vulnerable parts of the body with hard parts of the body)

  • falling to the ground safely, how to protect from the ground, and how to get up safely

  • dealing with adrenaline overload during a confrontation and how to remain calm and in control

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